Cueva de Mendukilo

Underground Laboratory

In the cave of Mendukilo three climatic stations were installed to know their original parameters and the impact that the visits provoke. A station in the entrance hall (Sala Artzainzulo), another one in the room of the lakes and the third one in the Abode of the dragon. 

At the same time, another station was installed in the host House to be able to compare the external and interior data. These microclimatic stations measure the following parameters:

The Hall of the Lakes has two sensors more to control the temperature of the water and the rock. This room is equipped with a rain gauge drip, to measure the water percolating to the cave in comparison with rainfall precipitations.

In the hose drop (Jentileio), we have a digital anemometer for controlling the gas exchange, its direction and speed.

In the Dragon’s abode we measure the RADON gas to know the natural radioactivity of the cave. 

In the same line, to try to understand the variability of the annual physical-chemical conditions of the cave, are collected many samples of water. We have 4 checkpoints in the cave, to collect the samples and measure the following parameters: PH, conductivity and temperature.

In addition to this information, by means of a laboratory colorimétrico portable, they are analyzed: the nitrates, nitrites, Calcium, Magnesium, Silica, Iron, Sulfates, Dióxidos of carbon, dissolved Oxygen … The rest of compounds measure themselves in the laboratory.

The collection and treatment of all this information runs in charge of the Society of Sciences Espeleológicas Alfonso Antxia.

The target of these studies is to know in every moment the conditions of the cave and follow up. These tracks allow to measure the load capacity of the cave (number of visitors who can access the cavity), being a good instrument to avoid possible climatic impacts in the cavity. The goal lies in ensuring sustainable management of visits.

Climatics conditions

Accesible information

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“Hydrochemistry and Hydromicrobiology in Mendukilo”
“Study of the microclimate of the Mendukilo cave. Five years of measurements. “
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“Climate Mendukilo report, 4 years of measurements”
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