Cueva de Mendukilo

Day of the Cave


“LURPEA” is a group created in 2008 and composed of eight caves near the Cantabrian coast, the cave of Arrikrutz-Oñati, Ekainberri, the cave of Isturitz-Oxocelhaya, the Cave of Pozalagua, the caves of Sara, the Cave of the Witches (Zugarramurdi), the Caves of Urdax And of course the cave of Mendukilo.

In these places of great historical and natural value have remained traces of geological and humanity past, some of it’s walls talks about rituals related to myths and legends.

The objective of the association is very simple, to give the possibility of discovering one of the latest continents to discover, giving the possibility of knowing the resources so close and so unknown. In the web you can find information about all the caves.

In this special day each cave prepares different activities offering visitors a discount of 50% and is raffled a weekend stay near one of the caves.

The Association of Spanish Tourist Caves (ACTE) of which is member the Cave of Mendukilo, with the associations of tourist Caves of France (Anecat), Italy (AGTI) and the tourist caves of Portugal, with the support of the International Show Caves Association (ISCA) and the International Union caving (TUI) is promoted the declaration of 6 June as WORLD CAVES DAY AND UNDERGROUND WORLD DAY

This day and the following days, the Spanish caves promote actions of promotion and diffusion of the underground world, with open days, special prices in visits, etc.

World Caves Day and underground World Day


Opening anniversary of Mendukilo


Very special day for Mendukilo as we celebrate the opening to the public of one of the hidden treasures in the Sierra de Aralar. Every year we do different activities to allow a special visit in this magical and mysterious environment.

This year 2018 we have honored Mr. Isaac Santesteban, for his dedication to the Speleological world and love for the underground world without forgetting that he was the first person to register his entrance to the cave of “Mentroquillo”. And the little ones from home through a game of clues have been able to know the daily life and activity of our ancestors, discovering the environment and the heart of the cave as real prehistoric.

Some days of the month of December, Olentzero will visit Mendukilo for the delight of the little ones of the house. The families accompanied by some witches, will know the history of this charcoal, enjoy their company giving their cards and telling their desires and end up with a small lunch and the realization of a craft to take home.

A unique environment, full of magic and mystery to be able to know the last of the Jentiles.

Information and Bookings: 948396095

OLENTZERO in Mendukilo


Adventure Caving


The Adventure Caving program are visits from 3 to 3.5 hours in which sports techniques are used. The tour gives access to the warrior’s room, spectacular for its size and 70 meters deep. This room is located below the conditioned tourist route. Without infrastructure or scenic lighting, you can discover the privacy of the Sierra de Aralar in a natural way.

To make a group is necessary that the visit has 8-10 people and a minimum advance for the reservation of 20 days.

Information and Bookings: 948396095

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