Cueva de Mendukilo



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Near Astitz, a few minutes from Lekunberri is the Mendukilo’s Cave that reveals the depths of the Sierra de Aralar. Their doors have been closed for years, but that’s changed…

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Sierra de Aralar

The Sierra de Aralar is a large area of 208 km² that’s shared by Navarre and Gipuzkoa. A large karstic massif in the northwest of Navarre that alternates a chaotic landscape of karrens, blind valleys, caves and chasms with another more serene meadows, always green and beech trees of infinite colors.
The visit lasts 1h and 30 minutes. It includes a video documentary and the visit to the cave in which three equipped rooms are covered, in an itinerary of 540 meter by floating footbridges, descending 40 meter to the underground.
Due to the affluence of visitors it is advisable to book the visit.

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