Cueva de Mendukilo

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Penetrate more than 40 meters underground
All visits will be carried out with the help of guides from the area, in groups of a minimum of 5 visitors and a maximum of 30 visitors.



· Drive up very carefully and use the crossing points if you coincide with another vehicle (single-track road).

House and sale of tickets

· You can buy the ticket and receive additional information. Entrances to the cave are sold up 15 minutes before the start of the visit.
· Remember to use the toilet at the house since inside you won’t have the chance until the end of the visit.
· The picnic is forbidden in the surroundings (LIC Zone: Place of Community interest).



· Is required to be at the entry of the Cave 5 minutes before the visit starts. Punctuality is a must.
· The visit to the cave lasts 60 minutes and the temperature in the interior is 8 to 9 ºC. It is recommended warm clothes for the visit.
· It is necessary to have appropriate footwear for walking in the aisle. You cannot walk with high-heeled shoes.

Price List

Child (4-10 years old)
Retirees (>65 años)
Groups (+ de 20 visitantes)
Young (11-17 years)

7 €
9 €
to cosult
8 €
to cosult


Every day is a new world in Mendukilo, the water continues its process and the season of the year influences a lot in this. It is time to choose the day you will visit us, the following calendar may help you. Welcome!

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