Cueva de Mendukilo

The Cave

Mendukilo, located in lands of the Council of Astitz (Navarra), has been used as a mountain stall for centuries.Ā 

But it has been given a new utility as it has been conditioned to receive visitors. In order to minimize the difficulties of the basement the cave has been equipped with a floating walkway, dynamic lighting and a multimedia system. In this way, the itinerary is suitable for anyone able to climb on its own to a third floor.

Mendukilo with numbers

1 Āŗ
1 %

Artzainzulo (Shepherds refuge)

Being the entrance hall, it comes natural light and thanks to its spectacular volume is quite illuminated. In this room we will see the first and modest geological formations.

At the end of the room we enter Jentileio (window of the Gentiles) to descend about 30 meter to the bowels of the cave. We are in Hartz-Zuloa (Osera).

This room is a distributor because from here you can access the rest of the rooms.

Laminosin (room of lakes)

The main attraction of this room is the incredible quantity and variety of geological formations that it possesses: stalactites, stalagmites, gours… we will be able to observe them closely in our surroundings.

Herensugearen gotorlekua
(The abode of the dragon)

What characterizes the last room that we will visit is, without doubt, its huge volume (60 meter long and at some points, 25m in height)
Although they do not visit, the cave possesses another three rooms: that of the Warrior, it is an ascending room of big volume, 80 meter of length; the second, Intxisuen gordelekua (Gallery of the horse)…
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